The Kitchen – The Heart of the Home

As many of us are aware kitchens can be the making of a great home; they are usually a fixed installation, unlike sofas and other furniture items that can be easily rearranged.  Kitchen units and appliances once in place are there to stay for the duration, often up to 10 years making decisions relating to the layout of key importance; failing to do so may prove to be a costly mistake and such errors can often ‘niggle’, which could potentially last for years, unless further cost is incurred to remedy this, or, until such time a new kitchen is installed.


The kitchen area usually tends to be where the most expense lies when carrying out work to the home, and understandably so.


As previously mentioned, getting the unit/appliance layout right can be vital – however, perhaps your existing kitchen layout works perfectly for you, or perhaps you require adjustments to the existing layout by adding or removing units or incorporating new appliances.  Whatever level of service, MARCIN BUILDER and his team can help work out your requirements.


MARCIN BUILDER recognises that you are likely working within a budget, often prioritising or compromising, something no-one likes to do, but this may be the best way forward; understanding all your options in this case can be empowering – enabling you to take the right approach from the start and make the right decisions with your options – of which there can be many.


Don’t get bogged down in the multitude of units, worktops and appliances that are available – MARCIN BUILDER’s design team will help you break down all your needs to the point you can move the project forward yourself, or utilise MARCIN BUILDER and the design team’s expertise further.


If you are looking for initial advice on your approach to tackling your kitchen ‘adventure’ you can employ the services of one of the design team to point you in the right direction and arming you with some much needed strategy to kick your project off.

Please contact MARCIN BUILDER if you think that you would benefit from this approach, or before employing other services that he can provide.

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